All You Need to Know About Cal Works for the benefit of Your Child in California

All You Need to Know About CalWorks for the benefit of Your Child in California

The Federal Reforms Bill has passed a program called CalWorks in California for the betterment of single mom’s children. This California Organization works for the betterment, responsibilities and opportunities of children in California.
Calworks is a welfare program that gives monetary support and administrations to qualified single mom California families. On the off hand that a family has practically zero money and needs housing, nourishment, utilities, attire or renovation, they may be qualified to get prompt transient help. Families that apply and fit the bill for continuous support get cash every month to help pay for lodging, sustenance and other important costs.

Whom to reach
You may initially reach out the county Government for help. The needy single mom fills out an application form and satisfies low income criteria for availing aid on clothing, utilities, food and housing. The county office sets up an investigation officer to figure out the eligibility. Proof of income certificate, age, status, residence, school information needs to be given during applying. If the eligibility holds good, then single moms can expect monthly checks as financial aid under the CalWorks program.

Eligibility criteria
Besides being a California resident the single mom should also be able to show the financial needs, have a child who is eligible for the CalWorks grants, have a child who is abandoned by his father, disabled or even diseased. The single mom also needs to have a valid Social Security Number. The household income of the mother should be less than the maximum monetary assistance paid for the family. Bank balance of the mom should be less than $2000 cash and $3,000 in other resources such as bank balance, assets, etc. A single mom also needs to produce a proof that she is enrolled in a college program and must have regular attendance for their children in school. A single mom is bound to follow the orders as per the child support guidelines. Single moms can also participate in the welfare to work activities. There are various other social activities which one needs to be enrolled. It is mandatory that single moms need to be enrolled in welfare to work activities and few other programs in order to perform 20 hours per week of social activities.

Child support
Every single mom opting for the CalWORKS program should abide by the rules and regulations of Child support services. You can avail $50 per month as child support. If the single mom doesn’t live with the child but lives with the caretaker, then Child support agency provides the required child related assistance in a timely manner.

Under calfresh program of CalWorks, the eligible single moms can avail fresh food to meet their hunger needs. Usually, it just requires CalWorks application where you can request for CalFresh need as well.

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